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Wedding Tips—Choosing the Right Photographer

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Wedding Tips—Choosing the Right Photographer…Let’s face it selecting the right photographer for your wedding is important. The photos will preserve precious memories for a lifetime, and something you want to show your grandchildren. Here is some advice to consider when you pick the photographer for your wedding (even if you get a friend to do it):

  1. Do your research. View the photo galleries of your top choices of photographers to determine if they take interesting, personable photos. I was amazed at the differences I found between the top four photographers I considered for my daughter’s wedding. I was shocked to find boring photos with poor lighting in some incidents. One photographer had an amazing photo to lead his gallery, but the rest were unexciting and lacked imagination.
  2. Consider the cost of your photographer. If the price is not within your budget, remove them from your list immediately so you are not tempted to keep them under consideration.
  3. Evaluate what included in the price of the photo shoot. Does part of the price of hiring the photographer include providing an online download or a DVD of all the photos when the job is done? Just six years ago I remember photographers in our area didn’t offer you the digital copies of the photos as part of the package—all prints had to be ordered through them and scans were breaking your contract with them. So make sure all photos will be given to you in HD digital format before you sign a contract and pay your deposit. If photographers aren’t providing digital photos as part of the deal, in my opinion they need to learn a new way of doing business.
  4. Select a photographer who will make the bride and groom comfortable. This may not be an issue for some, but it can be important. If the bride and groom don’t feel at home with the photographer, they will not look at ease in the pictures. They need to be themselves in front of the camera for the best results.
  5. If you ask a friend to take your photos to save money, don’t automatically assume they know what photos to take and exactly what to do. Remember, not everyone has been closely involved in a wedding and may not know. We hired a professional photographer, and she gave us a list of typical photos taken for the wedding: pre-ceremony, the ceremony, and the reception. If your photographer doesn’t provide a list, work together with him/her to make detailed list before the big day.
  6. For the photo session for your formal and candid photos, make a timeline with estimated timing so that everyone is on the same page.
  7. To help facilitate the process, I also added individual names of each person after each photo group (i.e. bride with bridesmaids—names here…entire wedding party—names here…parents with bride and groom—names here). This really helped the photographer and kept everything running smoothly. It wasn’t all that much more work, and it was efficient. The photographer complimented me more than once regarding how helpful the list was to her. As part of the planning, we had a family member assigned to help facilitate the process and make sure everyone was there. But with an email to everyone, the announcement at the reception, and the individual names after each person on the list, we barely needed any other directing.
  8. The bride and groomdecided to take most formal photos before the ceremony. The photographer had a special presentation of the bride. This made it unique time for them. Taking the photos before the ceremony saved time. We had heard horror stories about the bride and groom being so late for their reception that guests began to leave.

I hope my post helped you with your planning, and that your photos turn out wonderful!

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