Hello world!


My name is Karen Gaus, and I grew up the next to the youngest in a family of six. During my childhood, I attended public school in small Texas towns, leaving me with a southern accent which some days, I wish I didn’t have. (o: I love to tell stories—inspirational true stories as well as fiction. Even in third grade, one of my favorite pastimes was to convey interesting anecdotes to my friends. One day the teacher arrived during an impromptu puppet show and invited me to entertain again. Later, I fell in love and married my college sweetheart. After we married, my husband and I waited eight years before having our first child. We have the best kids in the world. When my first child was two-years-old, my husband and I gave her the nickname, “precious one.” So what do you call the second child? “Precious Two, of course.” “Precious too, of course.”

Themes on my blog will be on random topics.

Regularly, I plan to have inspirational stories and devotionals.

The next blog is entitled Words of Love about a friend who heard words of love from the Lord  when she was at one of her lowest moments.