Christmas Thoughts—2013

Cover of "Peace on Earth (Holiday Greetin...

Cover of Peace on Earth (Holiday Greeting Cards)

Christmas Thoughts —Each year I seem to develop a newer, deeper appreciation for that first Christmas. The faith Mary and Joseph had to believe and obey God is inspiring. I imagine some people of that day didn’t believe Mary’s story and their opinion of Joseph wasn’t any better than their thoughts of Mary. What suffering that must have been for the young couple who didn’t deserve it! But in spite of the disbelief of others, they put their faith in God. Joseph believed God, took Mary and the babe into his care. He obeyed God and escaped with them to Egypt when Herod wanted to kill Jesus.

God entrusted Jesus to humans. That’s scary! But God knew the hearts of Mary and Joseph and found them trustworthy. Wow. I want to be that dependable!

Besides faith and trust, peace is one of the great messages of Christmas. God sent the best of Himself, His much-loved son. The Bible said, “Peace on earth. Goodwill toward men.” In this day and age when the buzz around us can become so negative about God, I think about that first Christmas, and the fact that God sent the message of peace toward mankind! He sent Jesus as His answer to the ills of society. When God is blamed for death, war, and suffering, I remember that He sent the dearest, most precious part of Himself, Jesus the Prince of Peace.

God’s message to mankind that first Christmas is still as powerful and true as if it happened yesterday—He gave His best gift, an all-encompassing, loving outpouring. He opened His heart to us, and I, for one, don’t want to reject such an amazing gift. I embrace and hold His Gift to my heart.

Leave a comment on your thoughts this Christmas season.

Love and Merry Christmas!

~ Karen Gaus ~

Karen Gaus, Author & Speaker

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