Keeping costs low for your wedding—Part 2

blog wedding imageKeeping costs low for your wedding—part 2… Here is more on cutting costs for your wedding without ignoring what’s important …

  1. 4.     Decorations: We bought tulle online by the bolt and used it for pew bows and draping. For vases, I searched e-bay and found some attractive ones for very reasonably priced.

Have you ever tried to buy the vase marbles/pearls? This can be expensive, but I discovered water pearls. It comes in packages of a powdery-looking substance. One teaspoon expands in water to 400 times its size and fills a 12”x4” vase. I spent about $15 for enough to fill 10 large vases. It looked very attractive and colorful. You only have to put them in water a few days before the wedding, and they stay expanded for several days.

5.     More on decorations: The Christmas before my daughter’s May wedding, I searched for and bought strings of clear lights with the white cord. This was less expensive and much easier to obtain than buying another time of the year. We used the lights wrapped in tulle and draped between columns, in the entryway, behind the bride/groom’s table, and more. Usually Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby sells large numbers of these lights, but they were sold out in our area stores. I found them well-stocked at Lowes. The best prices were the Project Source Mini-lights.

I also purchased white battery-operated candles during the Christmas season. Again this was because the availability and price is much better at Christmas.

Another cost-saving tip is to use decorations purchased and rented for the ceremony and move it to the reception location so that you get twice the good from the item. We did this with the flowers, columns, and candelabras. This takes some planning and some giving family members to pull this off, but it might be worth it for you. It was for us.Blog_wedding

6.     Dress: The wedding dress can be one of the more costly items. To me that was one of the things I put priority on. If I had to cut almost the whole wedding budget, I wanted to put the rest of the money on the dress, and we did end up spending a lot for the dress. But during the search for my daughter’s perfect dress, we found out that we had other options… J.C. Penney has a lovely wedding dress for under $150. Also, David’s Bridal has a few dresses for under $500. We didn’t buy the Penney’s or David’s Bridal dresses, but it was under consideration and is a great option for someone with a small budget.

We had a lot of fun planning and decorating for my daughter’s wedding. Hope you have the same experience. (o:
~ Karen Gaus ~

Karen Gaus, Author & Speaker

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