Keeping costs low for your wedding—Part 1

blog_wedding photoKeeping costs low for your wedding—Part 1…When my only daughter became engaged, I wanted to help her have a beautiful, memorable wedding. The Internet provided excellent resources for timelines and to-do lists (suggested links below). But coming up with a great plan was just the beginning. I had to keep costs down as well…so doing much of the work and planning ourselves was a given. Here are some of the specifics we did to help keep the cost down:

  1. 1. Stores who help: Hobby Lobby has a bridal section in their store and are excellent for some items that look as good as everyone else’s but are significantly less money. Some of these things include topping for the cake, boutonnieres, veil, serving knifes for the cake, bridal bouquet,  unity candles, garter, gift sacks, bubbles for the going-away send-off, decorative gems and more. Hobby Lobby has their His/Her wedding items on half off on a regular basis. (Note: if you do not have a Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart has wedding products in their craft section that has many of these items.)
  2. Blog_sillk wedding flowersFlowers: Consider using silk flowers for some or all of your flowers. We have a florist in town who will work with people. We waited for the flowers at Hobby Lobby to go on half-price and bought the highest-quality and most realistic flowers available. Then we took the flowers to the florist, and they would arrange them for us for the cost of their labor. Also, my sister is talented in arranging flowers, so she did some of the arrangements. This was less expensive than using real flowers. Be sure to price and shop around for real and silk before you commit. (Warning: some florists are unwilling to work with silk flowers. We were fortunate to find a talented florist who would do this.) Be sure to keep your receipts in case you don’t use them all.
  3. Cake: Wedding cakes can be expensive. Some families know someone who will make a beautiful cake as a gift or at a discount to the bride and groom. We had no such friend. I priced cakes and the one I wanted was about $850 at the local bakery. This was just too much money. I had other things I wanted to put the money toward. Then I found someone who did some gorgeous cakes for around $250-$300, but the person was booked the weekend of the wedding. This is what I did. I researched and found that our grocery store chain did wedding cakes. All I had to do was go online to look for the design and the serving size. Then I talked to the appropriate grocery store employee in person. They did lovely cakes for between $100-250. I only had to finalize and pay in full two weeks before the wedding. For the presentation of the cake, my sister made a satin-covered pedestal, and I purchased a nice topping at Hobby Lobby. (I only made one mistake. I thought I would have too much cake, and I didn’t have enough. If I had known, I would have purchased more cake. Our guests were so polite that no one told me. My husband was the one to tell me.)

Part 2 for Keeping Costs Low for Your Wedding will be posted on Thursday.

Links for some good wedding timelines: and

~ Karen Gaus ~

Karen Gaus, Author & Speaker

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