An Embarassing Moment

An Embarrassing Moment … One of the most embarrassing moments in my life happened in fourth grade. The experience even defied the law of physics…At recess one day I was sitting on a railing ledge in the front entryway to the elementary school I attended. The area had a porch-like area, concrete railing, lined with benches next to it. I was talking to a couple of friends who were also perched on the ledge, and we decided to go ask another friend a question. Everyone took the leap to the bench below, but something strange happened when I tried the same move. Instead of landing deftly on the bench feet first, my foot took an unexplained slip, and in a split second, I found myself upside down, face down, clinging to the ledge. Fortunately, my reflexes worked just fine, and I caught myself from hitting the concrete head first. My body turned into a seesaw—my nose hit the edge of the seat below. I tried to right myself, but my body seesawed again, causing my nose to bang up against the bench once more. The next attempt to right myself worked. I finally stood gawking at my friends wondering why they hadn’t helped me out of my predicament.

“That was weird,” one friend said.

“Yeah. It was,” I agreed. It was bizarre. And don’t you think…it defies the law of physics?

The photo in this blog is the school I attended. Behind the scrubs where the railings, and on the other side of that were the benches.

I dare you to tell about an embarrassing moment you have had.


Karen Gaus, Author & Speaker


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