Myths, Space Aliens, and the Battle of the Sexes

Myths, Space Aliens, and the Battle of the Sexes … Since Adam and Eve, the differences between men and women are what make our existence fascinating. Otherwise, life would be boring. Here are some myths I’ve come up with regarding male/female stereotypes.

Myth one: Women make the worst drivers. Whoever said this, didn’t know my brother-in-law, Walter. I remember one time after he gave me a ride somewhere…we had so many close calls when I got out of the car, I considered kissing the ground. I had survived!

Myth two: When instructed, men know how to buy the right gift for their wife. What is the thing with men who don’t appreciate beautiful things? I have several funny stories I could tell on my husband, but I’ll just tell one. At Christmas one year, I asked for stationery. I thought that would be easy and fun to have some with flowers on it or some interesting design. The request came with some suggestions on how to select something remarkable or at least nice. At gift-exchange time, I did received stationery from him, but guess what? It was plain, white stationery! That’s right…totally blank. Even my mother-in-law was baffled. (o: That’s okay though, my husband is a sweetheart. He tried. Ha!

I have to give some men credit though. At Christmas at Bath and Body Works, the men look about as comfort as a space alien who just beamed into area 51, but they are there working at buying something their wives or girlfriends would appreciate.

Myth three: Men make the scariest bosses. The person who said that didn’t know the female boss I had when I was twenty. When she found an error, she would start shouting then stomp through the office waving the paperwork in her hand, drawing attention from everyone including the customers. There must be a better way to point out a mistake. (o:

Did you know that according to Dennis Rainey, author and speaker, men usually speak about 20,000 words a day and women speak 30,000 to 50,000 words a day with gusts up to 125,000 words? Is that why men don’t want to talk at the end of their day? Have they run out of words?

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